Lithium Stocks

Explore which listed companies provide exposure to lithium mining, battery production, and EV roll-out


Lithium Stocks

Explore which listed companies provide exposure to lithium mining, battery production, and EV roll-out



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Interested in finding out more about lithium mining stocks?


Click HERE to read our blog which goes into greater detail explaining what lithium is used for, the different types of lithium focused stocks, the driving forces behind global supply and demand, and a selection of lithium stocks that have been performing well recently.

Frequently asked questions about lithium stocks, and the lithium mining sector

  • What are lithium stocks?

    Lithium stocks (or lithium shares) are shares in companies that are involved in the mining or processing of lithium. Since it is not possible to invest directly in lithium as a commodity (unlike gold, silver, and other precious metals), investors turn to publicly traded companies that operate in the extraction of lithium as a way of gaining exposure.

  • What are the best performing lithium stocks?

    To see the best performing stocks of the day scroll up to the top of this page, you can compare the performances of companies that operate within mining lithium and see the biggest risers and fallers. You can click on an individual company's profile to view their historical performance and share price.

  • How is the demand for lithium changing?

    Demand for lithium over time appears to be increasing, with COP26 in further supporting the case for electric vehicles and consequently lithium. The agreements signed by all countries involved provides a further push towards renewables adoption. Lithium batteries will play a crucial role towards the reduction of carbon emissions through the storage of renewable green energy, harnessed from sustainable wind, solar, hydropower, and tidal.


    The growth of the EV market in the UK is expected to also accelerate in the coming years as it prepares itself for the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicle sales. 

  • What is happening to the supply of lithium?

    It is expected that the supply of lithium will triple by 2025. However, crucially, this still might not be enough to cater for the rising demand. Prices are expected to continue to be supported as a shortfall deficit of Lithium supply worldwide is expected from the beginning of 2022. This deficit is expected to persist to 2030 at the earliest, since there are not enough mines coming online to supply the demand in EV Batteries and Energy Storage systems to 2030.

  • Where can I find research on lithium stocks?

    If you’re interested in discovering more publicly traded lithium companies, then click HERE to view all lithium company research on Research Tree.

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