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Equity Research, Broker Reports, and media content on AIR FRANCE-KLM etc.

  • Access the latest forecasts, broker valuations, multiples, and video content from the city about AIR FRANCE-KLM
  • See live updates from analysts, company announcements, and other news in a personalised/single dashboard

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Must capitalise on "fuel bonus"

  • 19 Feb 16

h1. Headline figures: Air France-KLM saw its revenues climb to €26.1bn, up 4.6% on a reported basis but down 3.2% lfl. Group EBITDA stood at €2,447m, a reported increase of €858m and up €576m lfl. The operating result sky-rocketed to €816m, up €945m and up €698m lfl. Finally net income was positive for the first time in many years at €118m. The group reduced unit costs by 0.6%, somewhat shy of its original 1% target. The significant boost from the fuel price fall means that the group managed a significant reduction in net debt, from €5.4bn at end 2014 down to €4.3bn at 31 December, which means that the group's debt has fallen by some €2.2bn over the last four years. h1. Results by segment: h2. Passenger network: 2015 revenues of €20.5bn up from €19.6bn and an operating profit of €842m (-€83m in 2014). Overall the group increased capacity by 0.7% during the year with traffic growing 2.8% thanks to an improved load factor at 85.1% vs 84.7%. Unit revenues however came under pressure in 2015, down 3.3% at constant currency, especially in the long haul segment (-4.4%) while medium haul unit's revenues were flat. The fall came from falling demand out of Brazil and Japan (10% of group capacity), in addition to a drop in Oil & Gas related customers mainly out of Africa and an impact from the Paris November terrorist attacks that the group estimates at €120m. h2. Cargo: 2015 revenues of €2.4bn down from €2.7bn and an operating profit of -€245m (-€212m in 2014). The Cargo activity continued to be affected by generally weak global trade and structural market overcapacity. The division cut full freighters' capacity by 23% (halving the full freighters' loss to €42m from €97m in 2014) so that overall capacity fell by 5.8%. Revenues per available ton kilometre fell by 12.8% on a lfl basis. Despite the sharp fall, unit cost fell 10.8% partially mitigating the drop in demand thanks to falling fuel prices as well as a headcount reduction of 8.8%. h2. Maintenance: 2015 revenues of €4bn (of €1.58bn from third parties) up from €3.39bn and an operating profit of €214m (€174m in 2014). Third-party revenues increased 7.3% on a lfl basis but 26% on a reported basis to €1.58bn from €1.25bn thanks mainly to the strong dollar but also from the numerous contracts signed in prior years. h2. Transavia: 2015 revenues of €1.1bn up from €1.06bn and an operating loss of €35m (-€36m in 2014). Transavia increased capacity by 5.3% with Transavia France capacity up 25% and Transavia Netherlands shifting its capacity from charter flights (-13%) to scheduled flights +17%. Traffic increased by 5.4% with load factors remaining stable at 89.9%. Unit revenues fell by 1.6% while unit costs fell by 1.8%, resulting in a stable loss of €35m as Transavia continues to seek out scale. 2016 will see ASK’s increase by 15% with additional capacity in France and a new base opening in Munich. h1. OUTLOOK: Air France-KLM suggests that the high level of uncertainty regarding the fuel price as well as the unit revenue evolution due to geopolitical contexts and the industry capacity environment means that a significant part of fuel savings on the P&L are expected to be offset by the downward pressure on unit revenue and negative currency impacts. The group will look to reduce unit costs by 1% in 2016. Free operating cash flow generation after disposals is expected to be between €0.6bn and €1.0bn in 2016 and with a continuing reduction in net debt as a result.

Strong Q3 thanks to market improvement but structural issues remain

  • 29 Oct 15

Revenues for Q3 15 were down 2.4% to €7.42bn lfl but up 10.4% on a reported basis. Importantly, capacity grew by +1.2% which is lower than the RPK at +2.2%. Revenues were boosted by solid peak season passenger numbers, while the Cargo activity continued to suffer from the structural overcapacity on the segment but AF-KLM’s capacity has been adjusted with the retirement of part of the fleet. Group operating result stood at €898m, up €304m on a lfl basis, but up €651m on a reported basis. Mainly thanks to the non-recurrence of last year’s strikes (estimated to have had a negative impact of €330m) and decreased fuel costs combined with solid passenger numbers. Adjusted net income came in at €624m, up €518m on Q3 14. Importantly, net debt fell by €1.77bn to €4.3bn so that the company’s net debt/EBITDA ratio fell to 3.4x from 4x. The full-year net debt reduction objective is maintained at €4.4bn, implying a €100m increase in net debt over Q4. The guidance for full-year unit cost reduction objective has been revised downward to -0.5%-0.7% from -1%-1.3%. Management is keen to stress that the Q3 performance is not linked to structural changes in the business but that the company had benefited from the improvement in the market environment. The talks with unions must resume to agree further savings and reduce the gap with competitors. This is particularly highlighted by the difference in the operating result for 9M 15 (€666m) vs 9M 14 (€370m strike adjusted). The €294m improvement is almost exclusively due to the reduced fuel bill improvements of €1.18bn which compensate for negative currency impacts of €118m, decreased unit revenues of 4.2% (€770m) and a slight improvement in unit costs of €86m, which is cancelled out by a €89m increase in P&L pension related expenses.

Some positives behind the negatives

  • 24 Jul 15

Q2 15 results: Q2 15 was a mixed quarter which included some positive achievements. - Revenue increased to €6.64bn (+3%, o/w +2.5% and -9.6%% in the Passenger network and Cargo respectively, +2.7% at Transavia, +24.1% and +4.1% in the maintenance and catering businesses respectively). Revenue was down 4.5% organically (vs +1.7% in Q2 14). This poor performance reflects capacity limitation at Air France, KLM and HOP! and lower unit revenue (-4.8% lfl). - EBITDA declined to €569m (-11%) and the operating income decreased to €185m (-22%) due to a lower contribution from the Passenger network (down €45m to €210m) and cargo business which had higher losses (€-78m vs €-45m in Q2 14). - Group net loss was €-79m (vs €-11m in Q2 14). Amongst the most significant items are principally: 1) restructuring provisions of €71m related to the voluntary departure plan implemented at KLM (cargo activity principally), 2) the reduction in net cost of the financial debt (€-77m vs -88m in Q2 14), 3) a negative change in the fair value of financial assets/liabilities (€-40m vs €+32m in Q2 14), and 4) significant forex losses in the Financial result (€-91m vs €-2m in Q2 14). H1 15 key data: Based on revenue of €12.3bn (+2.4%, -3.6% lfl), EBITDA declined to €548m (-7%), operating loss increased to €-232m (vs €-207m in H1 14) and the reported group net loss was slightly higher at €-638m (vs €-614m in H1 14). On 30 June 2015, net debt amounted to €4.55bn (vs €5.41bn at year-end 2014). The operating cash flow surged to €1,092m (+26%) due to a favourable move in the change of WCR (€862m) and lower cash-out related to the voluntary departure plans to a lesser extent (€97m vs €144m in H1 14). Net capex including no sales/lease-back transaction conversely to last year was up to €818m (vs €775m in H1 14). Therefore, FCF was €274m (vs €95m in H1 14) and other cash-in included the sale of Amadeus IT Holding's shares for €327m and a euro hybrid bond issue of €600m.


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