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Best quarter in Italy since 2009

  • 27 Jul 16

Q2 revenues were down organically by 4.2% yoy (vs -5.2% in Q1) while the EBITDA (excluding the negative impact of non-recurring items) has decreased by only 1.7% yoy, with an EBITDA margin of 42.0%, 1.4ppts higher than in H1 15. But in Italy, revenues were down by only 1.1% yoy (vs -2.5% in the three previous quarters). The solid, structural recovery of Mobile revenues was confirmed, thanks both to the maintenance of market share and the stabilisation of ARPU levels. Note the revenues of the Consumer segment in H1 (55% of Domestic revenues) have increased by 1.5% yoy. But the key point is the EBITDA: excluding non-recurring restructuring charges (corresponding to 2% of EBITDA), EBITDA would have grown by +0.9%, with an EBITDA margin of 45.1%, up 1.2ppts on H1 15 and a positive inversion of trend compared to Q1 (+6.9% yoy in Q2 vs -5.2% yoy in Q1). In Brazil, Q2 revenues were down organically and at constant change by 13% yoy (vs -15% in Q1)! Service revenues were down by 5.7% yoy, while revenues from product sales dropped by c.60%, reflecting a sales policy less focused on the sale of handsets, as well as the impact of the Brazilian macro-economic crisis on family spending decisions. The main issue is that the total number of subscribers (c.64m) was still down by 3.4% vs end 2015 (with a market share of 25.6%, vs 25.7% at end 2015 and 26.7% a year ago). The H1 EBITDA margin was, however, at 29.9%, up 1.5ppt on H1 15. Another key point of the H1 release: TIM and Fastweb have entered into a strategic partnership aimed at speeding up the creation of the ultrabroadband infrastructure with FTTH technology in 29 Italian cities. The partnership envisages the establishment of a joint venture with 80% of the capital held by TIM and 20% by Fastweb. The new company’s business plan therefore envisages connecting around 3m homes with FTTH technology within 2020 which will allow connection speeds of 1Gps. Total investment is €1.2bn, which the joint venture will finance in part with equity and in part with debt. TIM’s share is already included in the capex of the 2016-18 Business Plan. Moreover, as part of the partnership, TIM will buy from Fastweb over the next 18 months the infrastructure with FTTH technology that will allow around 650 thousand homes in 6 cities to connect to TIM’s network a year earlier than envisaged in the Business Plan. The strategic partnership will allow the two companies to create the latest generation, extremely high speed, infrastructure more rapidly, at the same time permitting synergies in the investments.