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03Jan17 11:41 RNS Director Dealing
29Dec16 02:16 RNS Director Dealing
29Dec16 12:51 RNS Significant Shareholding Dealing
22Dec16 01:36 RNS Director Dealing
22Dec16 07:00 RNS Further progress in LIGHT technical development
21Dec16 11:47 RNS Director Dealing
21Dec16 07:00 RNS Director Dealing
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Breakfast Today

  • 16 Dec 16

Investors appear to have rapidly accepted the Fed's more hawkish tone as one of the inevitable costs of participating in more expansive economic policy. Its almost 'close your eyes and trust in Trump'! Confidence in Thursday's the European session, during which the Euro hit its lowest point against the US$ since the beginning of 2003, saw the zone's main indices move sharply ahead with London itself not far behind. This spilt broadly into North American trading, seeing the Dow and other main markets recapture roughly half of Wednesday's losses. The price continued to be paid, of course, through global bond markets, whose sell-off continued on Thursday having wiped out an estimated US$1 trillion of value from international government debt since 8th November. Asian markets also rallied, reversing modestly weaker openings into small gains by the close, led by the Nikkei which continues to celebrate more than a 13% fall in the Yen versus the US$ since the presidential election. Traders appeared neither surprised nor concerned by the seemingly uneventful meeting of Leaders of the European Union in which the various institutions and national governments began to argue over their individual responsibilities during forthcoming Brexit negotiations, although the principal findings amply demonstrated just how complex the issues actually are the extended period required to reach agreement. One point of accord was found, however, regarding the new security threat posed by Trump's call for the Continent to shoulder a greater responsibility for its own military and defence duties, resulting in approval for forward planning to increase spend in these areas. Meanwhile, Greece's refusal to back down in its escalating conflict with creditors, as judges on Thursday approved annual bonuses for poorer pensioners and tax relief for the Aegean Islands that have received refugees, sparked angry exchanges with Germany and highlighted again the extent of policy disagreement between member states. Today is expected to see rather lacklustre trading in London, as investors await macro releases including the CBI Industrial Trends Survey and Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin; the Eurozone is due to publish its Harmonised CPI figures, while the EU is due to provide Housing Starts before the Fed's Jeffrey Lacker speaks. Corporates due to provide earnings or trading updates include Bilby (BILB.L), MySQUAR (MYSQ.L), Trinity Mirror (TNI.L) and United Carpets (UCG.L). The FTSE-100 is seen moving 5 points either side of unchanged in opening trade this morning.

Breakfast Today

  • 02 Dec 16

"By late Sunday, we should have a good idea whether or not Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, will be stepping down. The polls suggest his constitutional referendum, which has effectively become a confidence vote on his premiership, will get a 'thumbs down'. No new election is actually required until February 2018, but any attempt to simply replace him with another technocrat leader could well see a public, suffering from implosion of their bad-debt laden banking system, 38% youth unemployment and an inability to stifle giant capital outflows, clamouring for a snap election. This, of course, would open the door for Bepe Grillo's Five Star Movement, whose denouncement of the Euro could, in turn, generate in a wave of similar populist referendum voting across other dissatisfied EU nations, with France's own presidential election, due to take place on 7th May, the headline this morning following Francois Hollande's overnight declaration that he has decided not to stand. The prospect of Eurozone's collapse, however, was not the driver of the US session, which started in the positive following release of strong November Manufacturing ISM data, but waned later as a sell-off amongst tech issues pushed the NASDAQ sharply down, while the Dow Jones managed to hold onto modest gains due to sustained switching into financials, as divergence between the two sectors and the rout in government bond markets since Trump's election continued. Asian shares were lower across the board, with the Nikkei suffering as the Yen found buyers amongst US$ sceptics waiting for flaws in the Trump rally to show through, which dragged the other regional markets with it. With investors now virtually taking a 25bp hike by the Fed later this month for granted, focus this afternoon is likely to centre on the important US employment report, with forecasts in the 180k to 200k range, taking unemployment to 4.8% with a modest rise in hourly earnings of around 0.1%. The UK will also report Construction PMI figures this morning while corporates due to disclose earnings or trading updates include 88 Energy (88E.L), Altona Energy (ANR.L) and Berkeley Group Holdings (BKG.L). Traders meanwhile continue to watch oil futures carefully; although prices moderated during the Asian session, sentiment following OPEC's agreement remains positive with January's light, sweet crude trading a whisker below US$51 on the Mercantile Exchange, as they weigh up expectations on the terms being upheld or the various participants instead deciding to cheat on quotas rather than give up market share to US shale producers. London equities opened in a nervous mood this morning, with the FTSE-100 down over 57 points in early trading." - Barry Gibb, Research Analyst