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Title Sector
Agile Group Holdings Limited Finance
A-Living Smart City Services Co., Ltd. Class H Finance
Allied Properties (HK) Ltd. Finance
Applied Development Holdings Limited Finance
Art Group Holdings Ltd. Finance
Asia Standard International Group Limited Finance
Asia Tele-Net and Technology Corp Ltd Finance
Asiasec Properties Limited Finance
Associated International Hotels Limited Finance
Beijing Capital Land Ltd. Class H Finance
Beijing Enterprises Medical & Health Industry Group Limited Finance
Beijing North Star Company Limited Class H Finance
Binjiang Service Group Co. Ltd. Finance
Boill Healthcare Holdings Limited Finance
Boill Healthcare Holdings Limited TEMP Finance
Boill Healthcare Holdings Ltd. Finance
C C Land Holdings Limited Finance
C&D International Investment Group Finance
C&D International Investment Group Ltd. Finance
C&D Property Management Group Co., Ltd. Finance
Carnival Group International Holdings Limited Finance
Carnival Group International Holdings Ltd TEMP Finance
Central China New Life Ltd. Finance
Central China Real Estate Limited Finance
Chen Xing Development Holdings Limited Finance
Cheung Kong Property Finance
China Agri-Products Exchange Limited Finance
China Aoyuan Group Limited Finance
China Aoyuan Property Group Finance
China Asia Valley Group Limited Finance
China Asia Valley Group Ltd. Finance
China Chengtong Development Group Limited Finance
China Electronics Optics Valley Union Holding Co., Ltd. Finance
China Evergrande Group Finance
China Evergrande Group Finance
China Gem Holdings Limited Finance
China Infrastructure Investment Limited Finance
China Jinmao Holdings Group Limited Finance
China Merchants Land Limited Finance
China Motor Bus Co. Ltd. Finance
China New City Commercial Development Ltd Finance
China New Town Development Co. Ltd. Finance
China Oceanwide Holdings Limited Finance
China Overseas Grand Oceans Group Limited Finance
China Overseas Land & Investment Limited Finance
China Overseas Property Holdings Limited Finance
China Properties Group Limited Finance
China Properties Investment Holdings Limited Finance
China Resources Land Limited Finance
China Resources Mixc Lifestyle Services Ltd. Finance
China Sandi Holdings Ltd. Finance
China SCE Group Holdings Limited Finance
China South City Holdings Limited Finance
China Tianbao Group Development Company Limited Finance
China Touyun Tech Group Finance
China Vanke Co., Ltd Class H Finance
Chinese Estates Holdings Ltd. Finance
Chinney Investments, Limited Finance
Chuang's China Investments Limited Finance
Chuang's Consortium International Limited Finance
CIFI Holdings (Group) Co. Ltd. Finance
CK Asset Holdings Limited Finance
Clifford Modern Living Holdings Ltd Finance
Coastal Greenland Limited Finance
Colour Life Services Group Co., Ltd. Finance
Country Garden Holdings Co. Ltd. Finance
Country Garden Services Holdings Co. Ltd. Finance
CSI Properties Limited Finance
DaFa Properties Group Limited Finance
Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties CoLtd Finance
Datang Group Holdings Limited Finance
Dexin China Holdings Company Limited Finance
DIT Group Limited Finance
DIT Group Limited TEMP Finance
DIT Group Ltd. Finance
Dynamic Holdings Limited Finance
Easy One Financial Group Limited Finance
E-House (China) Enterprise Holdings Limited Finance
Emperor International Holdings Limited Finance
ESR Cayman Ltd. Finance
E-Star Commercial Management Company Limited Finance
eSun Holdings Limited Finance
Ever Sunshine Lifestyle Services Group Limited Finance
Everbright Grand China Assets Ltd. Finance
EverChina Int'l Holdings Company Ltd Finance
Evergrande Property Services Group Ltd. Finance
Excellence Commercial Property & Facilities Management Group Limited Finance
Fantasia Holdings Group Co. Ltd. Finance
Far East Consortium International Limited Finance
Financial Street Property Co. Limited Class H Finance
First Service Holding Limited Finance
Fullshare Holdings Limited Finance
Future Land Development Finance
Ganglong China Property Group Limited Finance
Gemdale Properties & Investment Corp. Ltd. Finance
Glorious Property Holdings Limited Finance
Goldbond Group Holdings Limited Finance
Golden Wheel Tiandi Holdings Co. Ltd. Finance
GR Properties Limited Finance
Grand Field Group Holdings Ltd. Finance
Grand Field Group Holdings Ltd. TEMP Finance
Great China Properties Holdings Ltd. Finance
Greenland Hong Kong Holdings Limited Finance
Greentown China Holdings Ltd. Finance
Greentown Service Group Co. Ltd. Finance
Guangdong - Hong Kong Greater Bay Area Holdings Ltd. Finance
Guangdong Land Holdings Limited Finance
Guangzhou R&F Properties Co., Ltd. Class H Finance
Gudou Holdings Limited Finance
Guorui Properties Ltd Finance
Hailan Holdings Limited Finance
Hang Lung Group Limited Finance
Hang Lung Properties Limited Finance
Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd. Finance
Hevol Services Group Co. Limited Finance
HKR International Limited Finance
Hon Kwok Land Investment Co., Ltd. Finance
Hong Kong Ferry Holdings Co. Ltd. Finance
Hongkong Chinese Limited Finance
Hopefluent Group Holdings Ltd. Finance
Hopson Development Holdings Limited Finance
Huijing Holdings Company Limited Finance
Hydoo International Holding Finance
Hysan Development Co., Ltd. Finance
International Business Settlement Holdings Limited Finance
ITC Properties Group Limited Finance
Jiayuan International Group Ltd. Finance
Jiayuan Services Holdings Limited Finance
Jingrui Holdings Ltd. Finance
Jinke Smart Services Group Co., Ltd. Class H Finance
Jinmao (China) Hotel Investments & Management Ltd. Finance
Joy City Property Limited Finance
JY Grandmark Holdings Limited Finance
K. Wah International Holdings Limited Finance
Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd Rights 2021-29.04.21 For Shares Finance
Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd. Finance
Kaisa Prosperity Holdings Ltd. Finance
Kerry Properties Limited Finance
Keyne Ltd. Finance
Kowloon Development Co. Ltd. Finance
KWG Group Holdings Limited Finance
KWG Living Group Holdings Limited Finance
Lai Fung Finance
Lai Fung Holdings Limited Finance
Lai Sun Development Co. Ltd. Finance
Lai Sun Garment (International) Ltd. Finance
Landsea Green Properties Co., Ltd. Finance
Langham Hospitality Investments Ltd. Finance
Leading Holdings Group Limited Finance
Lerthai Group Limited Finance
LHN Limited Finance
Lifestyle Properties Development Finance
Lippo China Resources Limited Finance
Liu Chong Hing Investment Limited Finance
Logan Group Co., Ltd. Finance
Longfor Group Holdings Ltd. Finance
LVGEM (China) Real Estate Investment Company Limited Finance
Macrolink Capital Holdings Limited Finance
Master Glory Group Limited Finance
Melbourne Enterprises Limited Finance
Midea Real Estate Holding Limited Finance
Midland Holdings Limited Finance
Mingfa Group (International) Co. Ltd. Finance
Minmetals Land Limited Finance
Modern Land (China) Co., Ltd. Finance
Modern Living Investments Holdings Limited Finance
Multifield International Holdings Limited Finance
Nanyang Holdings Limited Finance
New City Development Group Limited Finance
New World Development Co. Ltd. Finance
New World Development Co. Ltd. Finance
Okura Holdings Limited Finance
Oriental University City Holdings (H.K.) Ltd Finance
Pacific Century Premium Developments Limited Finance
Pacific Century Premium Developments Limited Rights 2021-17.03.21 For shares Finance
Ping An Securities Group (Holdings) Ltd. Finance
Pioneer Global Group Limited Finance
Pokfulam Development Co. Ltd. Finance
Poly Property Group Co. Ltd. Finance
Poly Property Services Co., Ltd. Class H Finance
Polytec Asset Holdings Limited Finance
Powerlong Commercial Management Holdings Limited Finance
Powerlong Real Estate Holdings Ltd. Finance
Qingdao Holdings International Limited Finance
Radiance Holdings (Group) Company Limited Finance
Red Star Macalline Group Corporation Ltd Class H Finance
Redco Properties Group Finance
Redco Properties Group Ltd. Finance
Redsun Properties Group Ltd. Finance
Redsun Services Group Ltd Finance
Renhe Commercial Holdings Company Finance
Rivera Holdings Ltd. Finance
Road King Infrastructure Limited Finance
Roiserv Lifestyle Services Co. Ltd. Class H Finance
Ronshine China Holdings Ltd. Finance
Rykadan Capital Ltd. Finance
Safety Godown Co., Ltd. Finance
Safety Godown Co., Ltd. Finance
Safety Godown Co., Ltd. Finance
Sansheng Holdings (Group) Co. Ltd Finance
SEA Holdings Ltd. Finance
Seazen Group Ltd. Finance
S-Enjoy Service Group Co., Ltd. Finance
Shanghai Industrial Holdings Limited Finance
Shanghai Industrial Urban Development Group Ltd Finance
Shanghai Zendai Property Ltd. Finance
Shenyang Public Utility Holdings Co. Ltd. Class H Finance
Shenzhen Investment Limited Finance
Shi Shi Services Limited Finance
Shimao Group Holdings Limited Finance
Shougang Concord Grand (Group) Limited Finance
Shui On Land Ltd. Finance
Silver Grant International Holdings Group Limited Finance
Sinic Holdings (Group) Co. Ltd. Finance
Sino Harbour Holdings Group Limited Finance
Sino Land Co. Ltd. Finance
Sinolink Worldwide Holdings Limited Finance
Sinolink Worldwide Holdings Limited Rights 2021-07.04.21 For shares Finance
Sino-Ocean Group Holding Ltd. Finance
Sino-Ocean Service Holding Ltd. Finance
Sky Chinafortune Holdings Group Limited Finance
Skyfame Realty (Holdings) Ltd Finance
SOHO China Ltd. Finance
Soundwill Holdings Limited Finance
SRE Group Limited Finance
Star Properties Group (Cayman Islands) Limited Finance
Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited Finance
Sunac China Holdings Ltd. Finance
Sunac Services Holdings Ltd. Finance
Sunkwan Properties Group Limited Finance
Sunshine 100 China Holdings Ltd. Finance
Swire Properties Limited Finance
Tai Cheung Holdings Limited Finance
Tai Sang Land Development Limited Finance
Termbray Industries International (Holdings) Limited Finance
Thing On Enterprise Limited Finance
Tian An China Investments Co. Ltd. Finance
Tian Teck Land Limited Finance
Times China Holdings Ltd. Finance
Tomson Group Limited Finance
Top Spring International Holdings Limited Finance
Tsim Sha Tsui Properties Limited Finance
Vanke Overseas Investment Holding Co., Ltd. Finance
Wah Ha Realty Co. Ltd. Finance
Wai Kee Holdings Limited Finance
Wang On Group Limited Finance
Wang On Properties Ltd. Finance
Weiye Holdings Limited Finance
Wenling Zhejiang Measuring & Cutting Tools Trading Centre Company Limited Class H Finance
Wharf (Holdings) Ltd. Finance
Wharf Real Estate Investment Co. Ltd. Finance
Winfair Investment Co., Ltd. Finance
Winfull Group Holdings Limited Finance
Wing Lee Property Investments Ltd. Finance
Wing Tai Properties Limited Finance
Wuzhou International Holdings Ltd. Finance
Xingye Wulian Service Group Co. Ltd. Finance
Xinming China Holdings Limited Finance
Xinyuan Property Management Service (Cayman) Ltd. Finance
Y.T. Realty Group Limited Finance
Ye Xing Group Holdings Limited Finance
Yida China Holdings Ltd. Finance
Yincheng International Holding Co., Ltd. Finance
Yincheng Life Service Co., Ltd. Finance
Yuexiu Property Co., Ltd. Finance
Yuzhou Group Holdings Co., Ltd. Finance
Zensun Enterprises Limited Finance
Zhejiang New Century Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Class H Finance
Zhenro Properties Group Limited Finance
Zhenro Services Group Limited Finance
Zhong An Group Limited Finance
Zhong Ao Home Group Limited Finance
Zhong Hua International Holdings Limited Finance
Zhongchang International Holdings Group Limited Finance
Zhongliang Holdings Group Company Limited Finance
Zhongtian International Ltd. Finance
Zhuguang Holdings Group Co., Ltd. Finance