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Polarean Imaging

Breathtaking Images in Lungs: Enabling Diagnosis and Monitoring of Pulmonary Disease

Polarean Imaging (originally spun out of GE) has a patented and revenue generating technology being used in lung visualization and lung function assessment, which for pulmonologists, and patients (e.g. asthma, COPD (bronchitis, cystic fibrosis), is one of the few areas not already impacted by MRI, PET, CT, X-ray imaging each targeting soft or hard anatomy. Polarean has taken a technology that uses standard Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and combined it with a hardware proprietary ‘add-on’ and a modified Noble Gas (polarized Xenon129) to create a highly accurate, safe (inert gas that is breathed in) and real-time imaging tool to non-invasively visualize and map the lung ventilation revealing to the alveolar level oxygenation – imaging air. Beyond the lung, there may be distinct applications in many other areas of the body (including Neuro). Polarean operates a drug-device model selling a proprietary Xenon gas blend (the drug) and bespoke RF coils to create additional recurring revenues. The FDA has now given Polarean a great opportunity to conduct a go to market Phase 3 Clinical Trial in 80 patients that if successful (based on a non-inferiority criteria) could open-up many aspects of pulmonary medicine. This would take the current 19th century spirometer and replace it with a 21st century breakthrough technology with ‘breathtaking’ potential in other applications.

  • 08 May 17
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