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Macroscope: Fed Is Just On Message

  • 20 Jan 17

Janet Yellen said this week that as the economic recovery continues to look sound, that a gradual raising of short term interest rates seems to be appropriate. This was enough apparently to knock the legs out from under an incipient EM rally. It seems strange that a comment as "on message" with what the Fed has been saying for some time now could have that effect.

Macroscope: Janus, The Two-Faced

  • 13 Jan 17

In an incredibly busy week with hearings, Congressional actions, intelligence leaks and a wild and woolly press conference, it was easy to miss a little data release from the National Federation of Independent Business on Tuesday. The NFIB's Juanita Duggan said in discussing the data. "We haven't seen numbers like this in a long time." She was not kidding. The index hit its highest level of optimism since 2004. But this was not a case of a number that has been slowly drifting higher and finally taking out the old highs.


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