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to the latest equity research

Research Tree gives private and non-institutional investors access to the latest UK investment
research from 31 brokers and research providers, offering comprehensive coverage of small and mid-cap
stocks. Get valuations, analysis, and insights from the City in real time, for the first time.

Equity Research 

Research Tree gives UK private investors access to the latest equity research, offering extensive coverage of small & mid-cap stocks. Valuations, target prices, & analysis by the City in real-time.

Our Free Account gives users access to research from 12 providers, whilst our Gold Account gives users access to research from all 31 providers.

Real-time access to the latest equity research, for the first time.

Historically, Private Investors have had access to significantly less professional investment research and information than institutions, funds, and banks. At Research Tree,
we're trying level that playing field by aggregating the latest equity research & video content from 367 analysts at 31 city brokerages and research houses in one platform. Our goal is simple:
provide retail and non-institutional investors with full access to the latest valuations, target prices, analysis, and financial models on the companies they care about, in real-time.

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Our Research Providers

You can explore our research partners below. We have 19 premium partners and 12 commissioned/free access partners, who between them they cover
2,600 UK stocks. In total, our platform has more than 20,000 research reports archived.

Platform stats

  • Our coverage comes from a range of high quality Brokers and Independent Providers.
  • We currently offer content from 31 Providers with research from over 368 professional analysts.
  • We offer over 20700 research reports, covering over 2600 companies.
  • Most importantly, we offer ongoing coverage with new views, opinions and expert analysis being published on a daily basis.
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  • UK 250 covered

  • UK Smallcap covered

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Research Tree for businesses

We also offer services to non-institutional investors and businesses, helping companies across the UK level the playing field. Our platform provides access to the same professional equity research that fund managers and institutional investors get, but at a fraction of the cost. Click below to find out more:

Core offering

Access the latest financial forecasts, multiples, valuations, and detailed discussion of company prospects.
We aggregate in real-time, straight from the City. This means you get access to the same equity research at the same time as the institutions.

Equity research

• Professional analysts used by the major institutional investors

• Full research reports & salesmen's morning dailies in real-time

• Experts who know Management, build the models, talk to fund managers & have the track records


• Independent research on macro trends, strategy, sectors & industries

• High-level, thematic research from providers highly regarded by the hedge funds & long-only funds

• Macro events, commodities, sector rotations & trends


• Real-time regulatory news (RNS) & other company announcements

• PR Newswire providing regulatory and other company press releases

Videos & Podcasts

• Videos & podcasts from 6 City providers

• Executive interviews, corporate presentations, & webcasts

• Analysts calls & videos


Platform completely smartphone friendly. All features fully accessible.

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