focusIR is a digital IR communications and social investing consultancy

  • focusIR is a digital Investor Relations communications and social investing consultancy, with over 60 years understanding of the capital markets. We can work independently or alongside your existing PR, IR and financial advisors to help: 1) Educate all classes of existing and new investor in your company about your strategy, values, goals and results using the latest multimedia technology to ensure your investment case is well understood. 2) Engage with investors on London South East, one of the most active online investor communities in the UK, to address any gaps of understanding or misconceptions and enhance your reputation and credibility among analysts and investors. 3) Evolve your investor communications tactics in-line with changes at your company, your industry or the equity market using the latest investor analytics to ensure you’re still on point and front of mind with the investment community. By implementing our focusIR digital strategies, we believe your company can gain a competitive edge in the market, attract new native online investors, enhance its reputation and increase its shareholder value. If you want to learn more on how our products and services can help you, please email
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