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29Mar17 16:18 PRN Director/PDMR Shareholding
28Mar17 13:28 PRN Director/PDMR Shareholding
28Mar17 08:49 PRN Director/PDMR Shareholding
27Mar17 11:06 PRN Director/PDMR Shareholding
23Mar17 13:49 PRN Director/PDMR Shareholding - SIP Purchase
22Mar17 12:18 PRN Director/PDMR Shareholding
21Mar17 11:39 PRN Director/PDMR Shareholding - grant of awards
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Joy of Techs

  • 21 Nov 16

ICT evolution is driven by technological development as advances are made which both meet and shape customer requirements. Our 2011 note No such thing as a telco described the modern reality in that former ‘telcos’ now deliver varying elements of a range of managed services. We built on this theme last year, exploring in further detail their evolutionary paths, operating fundamentals, and cashflow yield similarities. In the consumer environment, demand for bundles of technology is complemented by demand for content. Across the pond, the mooted combination of AT&T and Time Warner typifies the bundled need of ‘pipe’ and content, since unbundled alternatives such as FaceTime and WhatsApp can be easier and clearer to chat over, and Amazon and Netflix are easier to watch anywhere. In the UK, BT’s defensive actions cover delivery, content and capabilities, acquiring EE yet also buying football rights. While TV was long ago added to triple play to become quad play, voice is now merely an app, and fixed and mobile seen as just dumb pipes: it's the content that will influence consumer choices. Growth of TV and film as well as music and gaming over IP leads to UK small cap opportunities. In context of the drive to maximise value from pipes and access by offering content and data, we look at some amongst the potential tech small cap beneficiaries: Amino*, Keyword Studios, ZOO Digital*, 7digital*, KCOM* and CityFibre*.

“I don’t hear any music.”

  • 29 Jul 16

So replied the violinist Fritz Kreisler to the lady who said “your violin makes such beautiful music.” And so we learn that the instrument (ie the hardware) is of no use whatsoever without the human element. This week we saw Sage debut a rack of new products at SageSummit, there was the US$9.3bn Netsuite acquisition by Oracle, which in the wake of ARM plc acquisition pushed share prices up as M&A thoughts drove thinking. We frame all of these moves relative to our SMAC stack scenario. However our Compliance Officer David Langshaw (off to read for an MSc in History of Science, Medicine and Technology at Kellogg College, Oxford - whatever) tells me that I have missed the essential truth – namely Kranzberg’s Six Laws of Technology. Kranzberg’s core message is, ‘Technology merely presents an opportunity: the choice of what to do with it remains ours’ – and so the thing is the intercourse of people with the product. ‘People’ have pushed equity values higher and people will throw up some lucrative opportunities as the economy struggles to generate growth and so looks to technology to be the growth driver. Furthermore the rash of new products show us that technical developments have environmental, social, and human consequences that go far beyond the immediate purposes of the technical devices and practices themselves – note the seemingly sudden burst of interest in IoT and in PokemonGo this month – and this reminds us that “software is eating the world”. As always tech bounces up and down through the Summer months – July was an ‘up’ month. It is still too early to know the operational ramifications of Brexit. But so far the mood music has been more positive than expected, even if I am playing second fiddle to Mr Langshaw. Enjoy the Summer break.