ESG Stocks

Explore listed companies that have a strong focus on enviromental, social and government policies


ESG Stocks

Explore listed companies that have a strong focus on enviromental, social and government policies



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Interested in finding out more about ESG stocks?


Click HERE to read our blog which goes into greater detail explaining what categories fall under ESG, the change in demand for these types of stocks, and a selection of ESG stocks that have been performing well recently.

Frequently asked questions about ESG stocks

  • What are ESG stocks?

    ESG stocks are listed companies that put emphasis on environmental, social and governance issues when making business decisions. A key reason for a company wanting to focus on ESG is due to the increasing assumption that the overall financial performance of a company is becoming more impacted by environmental and social implications.

  • What categories fall under ESG stocks?

    ESG factors are the standards a company needs to meet in order to be considered a sustainable business. However, it is worth noting there is currently no globally recognised list of standards. Therefore, investors or a company’s stance on what is measured to be ethical can naturally vary.


    Below are some example ESG factors we have highlighted that are guidelines as to what could fall under environment, social and governance:



    • Pollution and carbon emissions 
    • Deforestation
    • Green energy usage
    • Waste management



    • Human rights
    • Working conditions
    • Health and safety
    • Employee diversity
    • Community engagement



    • Business ethics
    • Executive pay
    • Political lobbying and donations
    • Board diversity and structure
    • Tax strategy and payments
  • What is going on with ESG stocks?

    Broker research can be a useful way for getting an understanding of how a company is progressing and performing. You can discover and read detailed broker research notes about ESG focused companies HERE on Research Tree.

  • Why are ESG stocks performing well?

    We have witnessed a noticeable increase in ESG stock investing globally. The pandemic has encouraged and further driven this trend, mostly due to market disturbances which has led both institutional and retail investors to turn to ESG stocks for improved resilience. Investors and companies are progressively realising the links between social, environmental, and economic issues, and ultimately how these categories can impact the overall financial performance.

  • Where can I find research on ESG stocks?

    If you’re interested in discovering more publicly traded ESG focused companies, then click HERE to view all ESG company research on Research Tree.

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