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Title Sector
ADM Energy Plc Resources
Amerisur Resources Resources
Aminex Plc Resources
Anglo African Oil Resources
Argos Resources Ltd. Resources
Ascent Resources Resources
Ascent Resources Plc Resources
Assd.DNO.Cash Resources
Attis Oil Resources
Bahamas Petroleum Co. Plc Resources
Baron Oil Plc Resources
Block Energy Plc Resources
Borders Resources
Bowleven Plc Resources
Cabot Energy Resources
Cabot Energy Resources
Cadogan Petroleum Plc Resources
Cap Energy Resources
Chariot Oil Resources
Circle Oil Resources
Columbus Energy Resources Plc Resources
Concepta Plc Resources
Diversified Gas Resources
DRAGON OIL Resources
Echo Energy Resources
Egdon Resources Plc Resources
Eland Oil & Gas Resources
Empyrean Energy Plc Resources
Energean Plc Resources
EnQuest Plc Resources
Enwell Energy Plc Resources
Europa Oil Resources
Exillon Energy Plc Resources
Falkland Oil And Gas Resources
Faroe Petroleum Resources
Fastnet Equity Resources
Frontera Resources Resources
Genel Energy Plc Resources
Global Petroleum Ltd. Resources
Great Eastern Energy Corp. Ltd. Resources
Gulfsands Petroleum Resources
Hague And London Oil Resources
Haike Chemical Group Resources
Hardy Oil & Gas Resources
Hurricane Energy Plc Resources
i3 Energy Plc Resources
Igas Energy Resources
IGas Energy Plc Resources
Independent Oil Resources
Indus Gas Ltd. Resources
InfraStrata Plc Resources
Iofina Plc Resources
Jadestone Energy Resources
Jersey Oil Resources
JKX Oil Resources
Kosmos Energy Resources
Lansdowne Oil Resources
Lekoil Ltd. Resources
Leni Gas Cuba Resources
LGO Energy Resources
Madagascar Oil Resources
Magnolia Petroleum Resources
Magnolia Petroleum Resources
Mayan Energy Resources
Mining, Minerals Resources
Mosman Oil Resources
MX Oil Resources
Nautilus Marine Services Resources
New World Oil And Gas Resources
Nighthawk Energy Resources
Nostra Terra Oil Resources
Nostrum Oil Resources
Nu-Oil Resources
Oil Resources
Ophir Energy Resources
Pantheon Resources Plc Resources
Pennpetro Energy Plc Resources
Petrel Resources Plc Resources
Petro Matad Ltd. Resources
PetroNeft Resources Plc Resources
Pharos Energy Plc Resources
Phoenix Global Resources Plc Resources
Premier Oil Plc Resources
President Energy Plc Resources
Range Resources Resources
Rockhopper Exploration Plc Resources
Rose Petroleum Resources
Ruspetro Resources
S.N.G.N. Romgaz SA Resources
S.N.G.N. Romgaz SA Resources
San Leon Energy Plc Resources
Savannah Energy Plc Resources
Sdx Energy Resources
SDX Energy Plc Resources
Sirius Petroleum Resources
Solo Oil Resources
Sound Energy Plc Resources
Star Phoenix Group Ltd. Resources
Tatneft PJSC Resources
The Parkmead Group Plc Resources
Tomco Energy Resources
TomCo Energy Plc Resources
Tower Resources Plc Resources
Trinity Exploration Resources
Tullow Oil Plc Resources
UAE Oil Services Plc Resources
United Oil Resources
Upland Resources Ltd. Resources
Urals Energy Resources
Urals Energy Resources
Victoria Oil Resources
Volga Gas Plc Resources
Wentworth Resources Resources
Wentworth Resources Plc Resources
Westmount Energy Ltd. Resources
Xcite Energy Resources
Xtract Resources Resources
Zenith Energy Ltd. Resources
Zephyr Energy Plc Resources
Zoetic International Plc Resources