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Wilmington plc
FY 20 final results – Putting the best foot forward

These were impressive FY 20 results that came in at the top end of guidance given back in March. The Data & Information core has proven resilient whilst the swift digital transition with Training and Networking has mitigated the worst revenue impacts from lockdown. Underlying cash generation was healthy, and management have been able to materially de-risk the balance sheet without needing to raise dilutive, new equity capital. In this note, we are re-initiating coverage will full estimates published for FY 21 and beyond. We also discuss the revenue scenarios outlined by the company at the FY 20 results announcement and what these imply in terms of earnings outcomes. Both of these scenarios hinge on the key swing factor for FY 21; namely whether face to face events can resume in time for Wilmington’s H2. Our estimates effectively represent a middle ground between these two outcomes. In our eyes, the current valuation is difficult to justify on fundamentals, nor on a comparative basis. Although we do not know the full current year outcome for the rest of the peer group, we would be surprised if many do better than Wilmington and yet the valuation gap has widened. Looking at the components within the group, the argument can be made that Risk & Compliance alone could be worth more than the current group market capitalisation. This suggests that investors are being given a free option on the c.£70m of revenue and £6m of EBIT (£80m / £13m pre-Covid) that sit outside Risk & Compliance.

  • 21 Sep 20
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Next Fifteen Communications Group Plc
H1 trading update – Materially better than expected

Heading into the pandemic, we had argued that Next Fifteen’s broad spread of digital capabilities and heavy exposure to technology led clients should be a source of relative strength. The H1 trading update has underscored just how resilient the group has been. Yes, there have been impacts but the inevitable hit to organic revenue growth has not been as severe as first thought. Combined with the contribution from strongly performing acquisitions made over the last two years, Next Fifteen will be reporting H1 revenue and profit comfortably ahead of the prior year, which is a remarkable outcome against such a backdrop. Next Fifteen has also announced the acquisition of the innovation consultancy, Mach49, which marks the first concrete step in building the fourth pillar underpinning the group portfolio. The group balance sheet remains a source of strength (H1 net debt to be less than £1m); reflecting both the better than expected profit performance as well as effective cash preservation and working capital management. This positions the group well for any further accretive M&A. The current FY1 PE of 13.0x, falling to 11.3x for FY22 feels undemanding given the positive performance through the pandemic and the subsequent positioning heading into any sustained recovery. The rating also looks undemanding relative to others in the immediate peer group and the broader Small Cap Media sector.

  • 16 Sep 20
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